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Nadia Nervo’s practice incorporates photography, video and performance. She received a Master’s degree in Art Communication & Design from the Royal College of Art in 2003 and has since then participated in numerous group and had solo exhibitions. In her work, Nadia investigates the relationship between photographer and subject, often working with strangers and exploring the nature of connections being made. Intimacy and trust between artist and sitter are key elements in her practice and fundamental to the viewer’s relationship to her portraits. Reappearing themes in her work are gender identity, the female body and movement. She works primarily on analogue formats.

Nadia’s work with moving image has a strong social dimension and has included projects investigating public reaction to street performances of every day situations to interpersonal encounters at ballroom dances and old age and its relationship to youth culture.

“Most of my work revolves around people. I am fascinated by the relationship and personal interaction that evolves with each Individual I photograph. I am intrigued by people's behaviour, habits and obsessions. Building collaborations with each individual – based on trust and respect – they become free to expose their emotions in front of the camera. Without judgment, I aim to investigate the psychological representation of the human condition, the unseen, focusing on the subtleties of human feeling, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary."

To view Nadia's artwork:

For information on these and other photographic projects, to purchase or exhibit fine art prints, or to discuss creative commissions please contact Nadia Nervo 

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