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Nadia has worked in the arts for over 15 years. She has led many curatorial projects and live events; these have included paintings, sculptures, and photography exhibitions held in London. She is currently Head Curator at Willesden Gallery where she is in charge of programming innovative exhibitions, including events and artists' residencies. Previously she was Head of Participative Arts at Watermans for 9 years, where she devised and implemented strategies that maximised participation in arts and cultural activities for the widest possible range of individuals and groups in West London. 

The fact that Nadia is an artist lends her curation a unique slant and sense of visual acuity. Nadia combines the discerning eye of an artist photographer with the objective overview of an experienced curator. She draws out the commonalities between disparate works and combines and recombines them with flair to create new connections and dynamic shows. Equally adept at curating group as well as solo shows, her photography background gifts her with a strong sense of composition and overall vision as well as an eye for detail and precision. She has a deep understanding of how an exhibition as a whole can come together, be balanced and flow well within a given space. She builds her exhibitions as she would stage a photograph - playful and experimental at first then careful and considered when the final edit is made.

Nadia has worked with many national and international artists and curators and has built up several art-world connections over the years. She has a real passion for supporting emerging as well as established artists. In addition to her curatorial work Nadia organises and manages events and initiatives such as seminars, workshops in different media such as performance, dance, music and digital media, artists’ talks and networking events. Nadia’s dedication to supporting artists also extends to mentoring recent arts graduates.

Recent curatorial projects include:

Jan - Feb 24
Exploring grief and loss through art

Oct - Nov 22
dancing with trees

March 2021
Women Exposed


Jan - Feb 21
Re:store Re:new Re:imagine - Finding Balance Through Art

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