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"I worked with Nadia on my debut solo show at Willesden Gallery. Being my first show, and a solo at that, it was quite daunting. Having Nadia to guide me through the process was an immense help. She was always there in the weeks running up to the show to bounce ideas off and provide pragmatic insights based on her own experience. Having her as an anchor point meant the task schedule stayed on target whilst remaining realistic. Once the body of work got to the gallery, she was on hand to fully engage with the process of setting up and organising the pieces to make the very best use of the space to make the work shine. It was a pleasure to have Nadia's rigour and enthusiasm to support the creation of a fantastic solo debut show. "

Srabani Ghosh 


"One of the most pleasant working experiences I have had was to work with Nadia Nervo as she helped me to curate exhibitions. Her photographic background lends her curation style a unique slant, an overarching view of the bigger picture as well as an eye for detail - and she has an uncanny accuracy in being able to tell if something is not straight! Personally she has an easygoing personality, even temperament and the tenacity to see shows through to the end - and I very much look forward to working with her in the near future."

Vaishali Prazmari


"My experience with Nadia Nervo as my mentor has been an incredible one. Over our sessions I have learnt a wealth of knowledge that has been a great advantage to my Art career. Before meeting Nadia I knew I had the Artistic talent to succeed but little knowledge on how to navigate the Art market successfully. 


An incredibly kind but firm creative influence, Nadia has helped me through many great achievements. Since we first met I have launched my website, sold my first piece and gained a coveted space in an eco-focused Artist studio space on the South Bank.

I am so incredibly grateful for everything that Nadia has so generously given me. I have not only gained the know how to thrive but have also gained a lifelong friend. "

Jamie Murray-Pullan


"Nadia was a curator of my first solo exhibition at Willesden Green Gallery in 2017. The collaboration time turned into a creative period where my visual language became stronger, ideas shaped in a professional way, and it turned into a successful exhibition with seven purchases. As with many artists, I have periods of uncertainty and vulnerability, Nadia gently guided my art practice towards my first solo show and offered structured support to enhance confidence in my skills and abilities.

I was given clear guidance in how to achieve my potential. In addition, Nadia introduced new ways of thinking on how one can carry out unfamiliar tasks in the field of photography and shorts films. Looking back on this period in 2019, I can say, that it was a start of a new professional direction, I was motivated to enter the MA degree in following autumn, and completed just a few weeks ago."

Svetlana Atlavina


"Beginning my mentoring sessions with Nadia I had little idea on how they would develop. My understanding of what was required to begin a career as a professional creative was very basic, and I was very unsure in my own ability to make it work. Our first session began in the aftermath of the first covid lockdown and telling Nadia what I plan to achieve. She quickly chopped up my plan into more manageable chunks to develop over the next six months.


These monthly goals were still proving difficult for myself to achieve and she made it her own personal goal to help me understand my own concerns. Nadia's ability to spot my insecurities and give quick advice helped install confidence that gave me the energy required to begin an authentic pursuit of creative ideas that are now materialising into an exciting self-supported life within the arts.


Nadia's experience, not just professionally but in life, took me from being a scattered and shaky person to a much more direct and confident individual who now knows he has the skills required to approach new opportunities with a positive outlook. I look forward to what I will achieve with my gained knowledge from our lengthy and thoughtful sessions. A genuinely inspiring person that I plan to keep in contact with."

Robert Winstanley


Perfect mentor! Methodical, fruitful and ever so patient and kind. Nadia not only knows the art world and basic principles of success , but also understands artist’s weaknesses and limitations and is there for us. Caring. Wise. Invaluable mentor. Sessions with Nadia give confidence, direction and reassurance. I couldn’t speak higher of anyone and will treasure this relationship forever. Thank you Nadia

Patrycja 'Paprika' Skala-Williams

"Right from the start I found Nadia Nervo, curator at Willesden Gallery, warm, helpful and welcoming. She provided a lot of practical and ongoing advice based on her many years of experience, as we prepared for our multi-artist project exhibition that involved artists, writers and poets based in other countries and involved using sound, projection, glass cases and 2D work. At all times Nadia was highly professional, patient and helpful, giving sound advice about all aspects of the display, and at all stages, from inception to completion and the private view.  I found Nadia open, discussive, and flexible to changes and to the complexity of our project. It was a smooth and enjoyable experience and I would most definitely recommend working with her. Her sharp eye and desire to create the best outcome for each artist and exhibition was inspiring." 

Salma Caller


I have had the opportunity to work with Nadia Nervo on a couple of occasions on exhibitions at Willesden Gallery. It's really great getting so much help and support during both shows from such an experienced curator and artist. I highly recommend Nadia. She was able to advise me on a range of issues from photographing my show and organising publicity, whilst encouraging me to think positively about things like sales and exhibition tours.

Alexandra Baraitser

artist & curator

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