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Nadia is passionate about working with young emerging artists and recent arts graduates as well as established and mid-career artists. She has a mission to empower and motivate them toward achieving their creative goals and advancing their artistic career.  Nadia has worked with the University of Arts London as a freelance Art Mentor providing mentorship to their final year students and supporting them as they embark on their artistic career. 


The transition from an institutional framework or university to suddenly becoming a solo artist can be challenging. Nadia helps her mentees to bridge the time period from their degree show through the initial stages of their early careers to becoming a fully fledged professional artist. This includes support with setting up a studio, applying for residencies, exhibiting at galleries, promoting their work and raising their profile. She has also guided artists making the transition to postgraduate education. Equally Nadia has worked with both emerging and established artists on an intensive one-to-one basis addressing specific areas of need personal to the individual. Particularly for the established artists she has worked with, Nadia has supported them in distinct areas such as promoting their work, raising their profile, connecting them with curators and other art-world professionals and preparing for touring exhibitions. Nadia has helped international established artists exhibit for the first time in London and promote their work. In some cases it was also the artist’s first experience with navigating social media as a promotional tool.


To reinforce her commitment, Nadia has obtained a diploma in Life Coaching which has helped to make a real difference to the people she works with by helping them to improve and empower their lives and realise their full potential.

why work with Nadia:

  • 15 years of professional experience in the art, as Artist, Gallery Curator, Art Project Manager and Art Mentor.

  • Academic background in visual art, design and communication (RCA MA, Camberwell College of Art BA Hons’)

  • Life Coach Diploma

  • A strong artistic vision and passion for developing the arts sector through artist development

  • Genuine desire and passion to support and encourage visual artists

  • Commitment to artists creativity and success

  • Extensive portfolio of connections in the art world

how can Nadia help you:


  • Portfolio reviews

  • Curating and exhibiting your work

  • Marketing and promoting your work

  • Identifying new contacts and audiences in the art world relevant to your practice

  • Pricing and selling your work

  • Clarify and formulate a clear action plan to achieve your goals and vision as an artist

  • Support with staying focused and maintaining a productive practice

what to do next?


Book your free 20 mins introductory session call to get your questions answered, discover if this is right for you and find out how we might work together.

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